This site has always been more of a space for personal narrative than anything profession, despite advertising my professional services and resume, and I’m going to keep several personal anecdotes posted for at least the time begin, but I think it’s time to start turning it into something more purposeful.

Times of transition are difficult for everyone – it’s why there has historically been a mental health condition called “adjustment disorder.” It doesn’t even matter sometimes if the transitions are ultimately for the good of everyone involved, because change upsets the balances that people have established. I’ve gone through several major transitions over the last year, both personal and professional, and I can sense others coming up in the future. I can’t tell you how valuable it has been for me to have good people to talk with and reflect on these things with. It makes such a difference to have people who will help me see things clearly and do my best.

With that said, my personal life has transitioned substantially over the last few months. In positive quarters, I have begun doing more supervisory work in my current position, and I hope that this will lead to more coaching and leadership within that setting. My personal relationships are going well, and are probably better than they have ever been across the board. I’m still sober and as happy with life as I could reasonably expect to be.

The harder part is physical health. I was diagnosed with and began treatment for Stage 3 colon cancer in July, and to say that it has been life changing would be an understatement. The surgeon is confident she removed all of the major cancer, the oncologist is confident that this is all curable, and all signs seem to point to better days ahead. But it’s definitely made me do a lot of re-evaluating and soul searching about what I’m doing with this life. Once treatment is complete and I’m able to think clearly on a consistent basis, I plan to make some substantial changes in every area of life. Or at least some small changes that make life a lot different.