Not Exactly a Rant, But a Perspective Shift

A little less than three years ago, I had a few dates/hang outs with a woman with whom it was never going to work. We were at significantly different stages of life, and while we had some fun, she saw earlier than I did that we didn’t have enough to sustain anything longer. Retrospect has proven her right, and we have sort of maintained an acquaintanceship since. (This isn’t the rant – I have no resentments about that time or relationship that didn’t materialize.) I ran into her recently and had a brief conversation about how things have been going, and the subject of online dating came up. She asked how I was handling it, and I said something about how I don’t take rejection as personally as I used to (which is true for the most part.) She said she wasn’t being rejected but that she was dejected because everyone out there is just so “uninspired.” To be honest, it was a surprising remark. Maybe it’s the difference between dating in your 40s and dating in your 20s. Maybe it’s the difference between being a man and being a woman. But I think more than anything, at least from where I am right now, I see that I am truly happy with my life, grateful for every little thing that I get to experience, and curious about other people as they are, rather than as something they aren’t. I once heard it said that “it’s your job to find something interesting about everyone you meet – it’s not their job to show it to you,” and I’ve found that so profoundly helpful in terms of accepting life as it is.