Premarital Education Services Now Offered

Are you getting married?  You’re probably aware that the divorce rate for first marriages is at least 50%–and some would say it is even higher than that.  Did you know that the divorce rate for second marriages is closer to 70%?

The odds are not encouraging.

I myself have been divorced twice.  The popular wisdom says that “if you know better, you’ll do better.”  But the popular wisdom is wrong.

It’s not a matter of “knowing better.”

It’s a matter of doing different.

Would you like to raise your chances of doing different and beating the odds?  If so, I’d like to help.

The single best investment you can make in your marriage is to prepare yourself with quality premarital education.  According to a 2006 article in the Journal of Family Psychology, couples who receive premarital education have a 31% lower chance of divorce!    In addition to that obvious benefit, did you know that in Minnesota, if you complete 12 hours of premarital coursework, you can receive a substantial discount on your marriage license application fees? (The fee without premarital education is $115; after premarital education it is only $40!)  It’s an investment that pays off immediately, but that will also pay off over the long term in a stronger relationship.  You’ll gain new insights into your relationship dynamics and how to do things differently – which is especially important if you’ve been married and divorced before and want this time to be better than last time.

I have been leading premarital education workshops since 2012, and am also happy to meet with couples on an individual basis.  Please contact me for details.